Crawler CRX RTR 2022 Upgraded Version

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Crawler CRX RTR "Upgraded Version 2022"
  • Crawler CRX RTR "Upgraded Version 2022"
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
  • Crawler CRX RTR 2022 Upgraded Version
  • Crawler CRX RTR complet Upgraded Version 2022
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The CRX is our first chassis in the "scale" category, fully designed and developed in France like the other cars in our range. Today, we have the ambition to develop this category which allows to live beautiful adventures in nature, with friends or family. The realism of the CRX quickly makes the driver forget that he is at the controls of a model so the feeling of immersion is great.

The CRX was designed as a full-size 4x4 with a ladder frame, rigid axles and a 2-speed transmission. For the reliability of the car and good weight distribution, we used metal for the chassis (C-profile of 1.5mm), tie rods, drive shafts and footrests.

Each axle is connected to the chassis through 4 metal links fixed on ball joints. The axles remain perfectly centered in all circumstances and the use of a Panhard bar is not necessary. To facilitate the maintenance of the gear, the axle covers are easily and quickly disassembled.

The CRX comes with a 2-speed transmission that is actuated by a mini servo. The long ratio allows for fast evolution of the machine - practical for moving at high speed on hiking trails. As for the short ratio, it allows to escape off the beaten path and overcome formidable obstacles.

To withstand all solicitations, the homokinetic drive shafts are made of metal and the entire transmission is mounted on ball bearings.

The powertrain is entrusted to a 55T 540-size carbon motor. This motor is placed at the front of the machine for better weight distribution and more realism. This motor perfectly adapted to the CRX offers torque and speed while avoiding overheating.

The metal plate located behind the engine allows to accommodate all types of batteries (2 or 3S) and different formats. The batteries are held in place by two scratch straps.

To be able to drive in humid environments and in peace, the receiver is placed in a waterproof box next to the speed controller on the back of the chassis.

The servo mount on the chassis prevents angle variations. We recommend using a standard and waterproof servo with a high torque of 20 to 30kg.

The shock absorbers are made of metal. A ring adjustment will allow you to quickly change the pre-tension and thus change the ground clearance.

Finally, the body of the CRX is pre-painted and is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to impact and weather. The body has been designed to perfectly fit the chassis and offer a realistic look that will make you feel like you're driving a real 4x4. With its scale details and bright yellow color, the CRX will stand out on the trails and in your garage.

In conclusion, the CRX is an exciting new addition to our scale category of cars and is fully designed and developed in France. With its realistic design, durable construction and powerful motor, the CRX is built to take on the toughest off-road adventures with ease. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors with friends or family, or just looking for a fun and challenging hobby, the CRX is the perfect choice.



• New shock mounts

• New chassis reinforcement

• New servo mount

• Gearbox locked in slow gear


• Rigid front and rear axles

• Adjustable all-aluminium shock absorbers

• Front and central articulated cardan drive shafts in steel

• Quick access transmission system

• Suspension bridge on 4 metal articulated arms

• CMS type servo mounting on chassis to avoid angle variations

• 1.5mm C-beam frame for even more rigidity

• Super realistic steel step (weight optimization)

• Advanced position of the engine and the battery to improve the crossing

• Fully assembled with ball bearings

• Waterproof receiver box with specific seal

• 1.9” CLIMBER 121/45mm wheels on black rims

• Survival body with all scale-look accessories

• Realistic bumper equipped with shackles

• Fixing system for all types of batteries

• Motor size 540 55T High power


• Length: 525mm

• Width (front / rear): 253mm

• Height: 245mm

• Ground clearance: 40mm

• Wheelbase: 324mm

• Weight: 2450g (without battery)

• Shock absorber length (front / rear): 95mm

• Rims (front / rear): 48x25mm

• Tires (front / rear): 121x45mm

• Hexagon of wheels: 12mm

• Chassis spec: Double frame chassis

1.5mm thick steel

• Transmission: Gearbox (slow and fast)

with selection servo

• Type of pinion: 46dp



• Survival body with all “scale-look” accessories

• KT2S + radio system

Interact with the references of the exploded view to access the spare parts of the vehicle:

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